Friday 15 August
Freda's Bar & Canteen
107-109 Regent St, Chippendale

Hey Convict! are Tamas Jones & Jason Evans. The two first bonded together during the long, hot Australian summer of 2004 to host a series of marathon rooftop parties. Man, woman and child would gather to pay worship to the cosmic deities of the Australian sun and lead to mixes TIME TO NOODLE (2006) which sold out in both the UK and Japan and made Piccadilly Records' top 10 best mixes of the year as well as DRUNKEN CHICKEN (2007).

Following edits on the Bumrocks label in 2009 the Bumrocks/Hey Convict! collaboration ‘Purple Brain,’ was released as well as a debut 12" on Golf Channel Recordings. In 2012 a mix of their Australian favorites called ‘Milk Beach Settlers,’ was sold through LN-CC. Wide-eyed disco drama, psychedelic guitars tied together by the taught heartbeat of house music. They've played alongside Tim Sweeney, Softrocks, Danniel Wang, Brennan Green, Andrew Weatherall, at PS1 Warm Up's 10th anniversary alongside James Chance & The Contortions, on Beats In Space radio show (twice), Noise In My Head, at APT NYC, DJ Spun's Mangiami party and Unsound Festival in Krakow to name a few... Their DJ sets are never the same thing twice, yet always a good time.


( ◜◡^)っ WE LIKE FUN AND SO DO YOU! ヽ(´ー`)ノ

A few months ago we invited you all to have some FUN with us...On that occasion so many deliriously good times were had that we're inviting you back to indulge in a whole lot MORE!!!

We've bundled up some of our favourite music players, locked in a ridiculously epic space (with a magic sound system) and even partnered with an awesome ride-sharing company to help you with the travelling - so, dearest Picnic lovers, call the FUN police and tell them to take August 30th off!

Tickets available thru RA!

Meet the players...

Emerging from the unfathomable part of the Earth - MARC JARVIN

Inevitable cause of dancing feet and grinning faces - KALI

Picnic family's little sister - ADI TOOHEY

100% good vibes - VALERIE YUM

*** Please note, this party is BYO ONLY so make sure you grab your goodies before the grog shops close at 10pm ***

Doors open 10pm. Address announced closer to the date.

Get there cheap with a $20 RideSurfing credit code, to be added to the event info soon!




Microsoft. Google. Sony. Coca-Cola. Death Strobe Records. Disco Delicious. You may have heard of these brands. Andy runs two of them.

You may also know him by some of the following titles - Mister Chicken Wing at Picnic, Miss Australia at Resident Advisor, One Of The Best DJs in Sydney aka Harvey Jnr, A Really Really Really Nice Guy, Serious Music Lover and Vinyl Collector, Crazy Pant Connoisseur and also Sir Hug-A-Lot!

Unbelievably, our man of many loveable talents had his car broken into a few weeks ago AND the miserable thieves stole his music and DJ gear...HUGE SAD FACE!! So here we are with a fundraiser to get Andy some cash to replace his stolen records, fully loaded Shure cartridges (three of them and spare needles - yes, he is t h a t profesh!), headphones and other expensive DJ related stuff!

Some of his biggest fans have agreed to play and one of Sydney's bestest venues have given us a home for the night!

So please come vibe out and drop us a donation!

Let's make Andy feel like he's king of the world!!!


Picnic right hand man and straight up dude Andy Webb had his car broken into in Newtown last night and his record box was stolen. He'd be super appreciative if anybody who pops into a second hand or record store could keep an eye out. The red Eurolite hardcase trolley is unmistakable, here's all the things he can remember were inside. Especially if you spot any of these records in a store please let Andy or Carly know.

Contact: andy@picnicstuff.com.au / carly@picnicstuff.com.au

Sennheiser HD 25s, coiled cable
2 x Shure M44-7 + 3 spare styli in blue plastic Shure MCC carry case
Audio Technica AT618 record weight

Jason Brothers - Monster Box (MCDE)
Tornado Wallace - Tornado Never Dies (Sleazy Beats)
Max Graef - Rivers of the Red Planet (2xLP)
DJ Nature - Return of the Savage (white label promo) *handwritten "178/180"
Laurent Garnier - Psyche Delia (MCDE)
Nicholas - The Funk is On (Kojak)
Los Charly's Orchestra - The Groove & Its Synonyms
Iron Curtis / Quarion / Session Victim - Treats Vol 3 (Retreat 9)
Session Victim - Can't Help It (Retreat 14)
Genius of Time - Drifting Back (Royal Oak)
DJ Nature & Kuniyuki - DJ Nature & Kuniyuki EP (Sound of Speed)
Borrowed Identity - Love For Sale (Quintessentials)
Velvet Season & The Hearts of Gold - Truth Machine For Lovers (Lucky Hole)
Francois K - Choice - A Collection of Classics (record 1)
Katzuma - Life in the City (Kinjo)
One Man Edit - Feeling Dance (Small World Disco Edits)
Floating Points - Vacuum Boogie EP (Eglo)
Kitano - The Early Bird EP (Undertones)
Various - Melbourne Deepcast VA EP 1
Andy Hart & Francis Inferno Orchestra - D2ME (Melbourne Deepcast)
Francis Inferno Orcheastra - I Need It EP (Join The Dots)
Matthias Reiling - Geigling LP 01 Rmx 2
Various - Young Rabbits (White Rabbit Recordings)
DJ Steef - The Preliminary EP
Hunee - Tour De Force EP (W.T. Records)
Marcellus - Workshop 16 (black stamped label)
TORBEN - 001
Rick Wade - Night Logic (Unclear)
Trus'me - Working Nights (2xLP, Fat City)


Big big exciting radical news! You may have already heard that our favourite radio station in the universe, FBi 94.5, had just launched a new digital-only dance music station called FBi Click. What's extra spesh about that is WE'RE HOSTING A WEEKLY SHOW! Yup - every Thursday at 4pm (4am as well) we'll be broadcasting two hours of Picnic goodness over the digi airwaves. Our first show aired yesterday afternoon with a special guest mix from the one and only ANDREW WEATHERALL. You can scoot on over to the Picnic program page on the FBi Click website to stream it back, or it'll be replayed on Saturday June 28 at 10am and 10pm.

There's going to be a massive launch party on Friday the 27th down at Goodgod with DJs from every show including Astral People, Motorik, Purple Sneakers, Sweat It Out and Halfway Crooks. We'll be spinning in the club at 10pm. Come support the goodness!



Here’s one we’ve been wanting to do for absolutely ages. In August we’ll finally be realising our dream of having one of Sydney’s most supreme music men take the reins for the ultimate in Picnic prestige - it’s an ALL NIGHT SET at ONE NIGHT STAND with PHIL SMART.

A bit of a godfather in the harbour city, Phil has been spinning since the late ‘80s, delighting dancers in clubs and bars, warehouses and car parks, fields and forests, basements and boats (pretty much anywhere you can set up some decks) for more than two fun filled decades. His long-standing residency at Tweekin, legendary co-promoted parties Sabotage, The Project and Jus Right, support slots for people like Michael Mayer, James Holden and Sven Vath, multiple appearances at festivals like the Big Day Out and Splendour in the Grass, and guest sets with dozens of the country’s top club institutions like Mad Racket and Honkytonks make for a seriously impressive domestic resume.

But his stellar reputation extends far beyond the borders of Sydney or Australia. Phil’s played everywhere from PS1 in NYC to Burning Man and all around Europe in clubs like Bedrock and E-Werk, and in the process it’s landed him a spot in DJ Mag’s Top 100 not once but twice. The labels he co-founded, Think and Thunk, released a bunch of early material from local champs like Infusion and Pocket, exposing the Aussie vibe to DJs around the world, while some of his own studio work has landed on imprints like Future Classic and EQ Recordings. And while Phil has kept a lower profile in recent years, now living up in Newcastle and hosting his monthly ColourSound night, he’s still a complete weapon behind the turntables and, on the odd occasion he does pop down to Sydney for a show it’s always a reminder of why he’s Australian club royalty.

So come on down to the Imperial Hotel and soak up Phil Smart’s first One Night Stand appearance - ALL NIGHT LONG. Learn from one of the very best this country's got and have a bloody big dance.


Presale tix start at just $15 from RA, get on it early and save the bux. Doors open at 10pm and that's when Phil will be kicking off so get down early for the full meal!



WE LIKE FUN AND SO DO YOU. With this thoroughly researched conclusion in mind, we’ve set out to create a new party series where we can all have a good old leg shakey with our mates in a nice spot. Great music from our local buddies, great spaces to do our disco thing in, big grins on all the dancey people. Feel the FUN.

Our first night will probably go something like this:

Your friend Andy Webb will be stepping up to the plate at the beginning of the evening to host a comprehensive 120 minute EDM workshop: ‘Enterprise Data Modelling and you’. The presentation will be accompanied by a carefully selected soundtrack that includes tasty morsels of disco, jazzy funk, house and psychedelic music. Audience participation and dancing is encouraged throughout the seminar.

Following that gripping lecture, Ben Fester and Preacha will take over the decks for three big fat hours. There’s a fairly good chance that, since they’re two of the most insanely talented people you could ever put behind a set of turntables, that they’ll continue their unbroken streak of playing one massive chocolate cake of a set after another. You’ve seen them team up before to support dudes like Omar S, Floating Points and Mosca, and we’ve had them do their tasty things at Picnic on more than one occasion, to the immense pleasure of our earholes, so you know that they will be very very FUN when spinning the musics at prime time.

Then, to see the night through to the not-at-all-bitter end, Picnic’s supreme overlord of good times Kali will be hopping in the saddle to continue to steer the party horse in the direction of Vibesville. From deep house to townhouse and disco to Sisqo (not really though), the beaties for your feeties will be flowing thick and fast until late late late. Obviously there’s no lockout or early closure business to worry about, you can stay on that floor enjoying all those happies until you just gotta go snooze.

*** Please note, this party is _BYO_ONLY_ so make sure you grab your goodies before the grog shops close at 10pm ***

So that’s the deal! Grab ya presales from Resident Advisor and let’s have a bloody big FUN together!

Doors open 10pm. Address announced closer to the date.


** $15 Early Birds on sale now through Resident Advisor **

As you may have heard, our marvellous prime minster will reintroduce the imperial honours system of dames and knights - acknowledging outstanding Australians who make us proud as a nation. Mr Lewis Day, or Tornado Wallace as you may know him, is rumoured to be first line to receive this honour!

For those not up to date on the worthiness of his achievements - Lewie's magnificent discography includes big fat 12-inches on Beats In Space, ESP Institute, Delusions of Grandeur and a few other monster labels! He’s represented our great nation in the UK (respect to the motherland), the U S of A and all over mainland Europe - but it’s what he’s done behind the decks here in our back yard that makes our hearts overflow with southern cross pride the most.

Years of dedicated service to Melbourne with his Animals Dancing parties have finally put the state of Victoria on the map, and his remarkable facial hair efforts have single handedly made beards trendy again. You only need to listen to his spectacular set at Golden Plains 2014 to know that this man is well and truly on the next level, and anybody who made it to the last One Night Stand we did with old mate Wallace can confirm he's a fair dinkum genius. It was INSANE.

We invite you to indulge in a few VBs and some Aussie pride with us at the bloody awesome Imperial Hotel, where another of our government's brilliant decisions won't dampen your good times!



As we leave behind a summer of incredible club shows with one or two of the best names (and talents!) from abroad, we’re preparing for a cosy (read: sweaty) winter with some extraordinary local talent (who also have the best names - in this case multiple!).


Who you may also know as Angus Gruzman aka Gus Da Hoodrat aka Angelo Cruzman aka The Finger Prince aka he of the impressive bio and lover of face paint and all things cosmic.

A prolific fixture in Australia's dance music community for over a decade - from the magic heyday of Bang Gang to the present Motorik crew (two bookends of total hedonistic dancing culture) - it's fair to say he's been instrumental in changing the musical landscape of Sydney (and Australia) and no doubt a few young ravers' lives!

The man of many colours and a bottomless hot-tub of talent, it's kinda hard to put DREEMS on paper (or FB events) - so we'll run with the facts: years of A&Ring and running the Bang Gang imprint; an utterly awesome amount of hours spent DJing; the opening of a notorious dancing and hangover joint (Sydney's Flinders Hotel); the explosion of Motorik; touring with Jagwar Ma; forming one half of Turbo-championed The Finger Prince; the creation of a new label - Multi Culti (under the well endorsed wing of Von Party and Tiga, also the home of his epic output as DREEMS) a n d all the while staying committed to his poetic love affair with psychedelics - the man deserves a medal!

Since we aren't in the business of giving out medals, we offered him our greatest compliment - a One Night Stand!

We’ll be throwing down at a new warehouse space where Gus will press play at 10pm and won’t stop until well into the next morning!

Oh, and you know the drill...it's BYO, ridiculously limited capacity and all that other awesome stuff! Presales available through Resident Advisor.


What more do you need to know? Click through to check out a recording of the set, and while you're at it make sure you hit up the other amazing sessions from Dreems and Simon Caldwell. How awesome!



Dust off your party suits and frocks because PICNIC IS TURNING SIX!

To celebrate this milestone, we’ve gone all-out to bring you a true originator and innovator of dub and techno music.

Moritz von Oswald is to Berlin as Juan Atkins is to Detroit: a seed that spawned the city's growth as an international techno hub.

Von Oswald is an integral part of the Berlin music scene – a truly gifted and forward thinking musician, producer and engineer who has inspired and continues to play a major part in influencing the sounds and music genres we explore today.

A start in the early ‘80s as a percussionist for Thomas Felhmann’s new-wave band, Palais Schaumburg, led to working with Fehlmann as the in-house production team at Tresor Records. The duo where also releasing original material on the label as 2MB or 3MB (when either Juan Aktins or Eddie Fowkles joined to make 3 Men in Berlin).

In 1992 Von Oswald and Mark Ernestus (founder of Hard Wax) started releasing the absolutely seminal Maurizio records, a incredible creative collaboration that (thankfully) lead to unleashing Basic Channel in 1993.

Together the pair were responsible for dozens of the most coveted records in dance music, from the Detroit-tinged minimal bliss of BC, Quadrant and Cyrus to the timeless soulful house of Round One/Two/Three/Four/Five, and, of course, the stunning dubbed out vibes of Rhythm & Sound! Some of the most deeply resonating records ever released.

And he’s been just as prolific and poignant in recent times. The Moritz von Oswald Trio, with Vladislav Delay and Max Loderbauer crafted four incredible albums in as many years and toured a mind-blowing live show that nearly outshines the recorded material – which is almost unthinkable with Von Oswald’s touch. After a break the Trio reformed in 2014 with the extraordinary Tony Allen replacing Vladislav Delay!

Last year he reconnected with Juan Atkins to concoct Borderland, a collaboration album that explored their collective pasts and futures and the Detroit-Berlin connection they initially forged.

It’s an absolute honour and dream come true to have Moritz Von Oswald join us to celebrate our 6th Birthday at the Burdekin Hotel and we’ve rounded out the bill with some staple DJs from the Picnic stables.

Ground Floor:


And it’s back-to-back madness in the Dugout Bar:





After our mind-blowing show with Andrew Weatherall at Oxford Art Factory, we're heading back to the scene of awesomeness with the cult disco master himself...


From the days of his legendary Tonka Soundsystem, weekly Moist parties, Ministry of Sound residency and iconic Black Cock edits in the '80s and '90s through to truly epic marathon sets at his coveted Sarcastic Disco warehouse gigs, his studio work as Locussolus and his long-awaited return to the global dance circuit over the past few years, Harvey is one of the most crucial and enduring characters in the modern dance world.

Since he last paid us a visit in the summer of 2010/11, Harv has been absolutely destroying it. He'd only just been given a green card after a decade of being stuck in the US so the rest of the world was only just beginning to comprehend being able to see this fabled disco figure again. In the past three years he's spun 'Berghain', his own techno masterpiece and tribute to the club, IN Berghain itself, he's pumped out remixes for Art Department, Logic System and our buds Canyons, and played everywhere from Coachella to Sonar to Trouw where he teamed up with another of our faves, Andrew Weatherall, all night for an RA VS party.

Achievements and happenings aside, Harvey seriously is one of the world's most gifted disco magicians. A rare DJ whose mythical reputation doesn't get in the way of the fact that he's just totally amazing at reading a floor and crafting a journey through spectacular music!



Plus gallery DJs:


Doors open at 6pm, and close at 2am.


Yup, Picnic's own Kali will be spinning this Monday afternoon alongside Derrick Carter, Simon Caldwell and Dreems for the Boiler Room's return to Australia! Make sure you tune in (www.boilerroom.tv) from 3pm until 8pm to watch the whole thing go down live. Gonna be a super special occasion!



Let your mind wander back to August 25, 2012 - ONS with LNTG - a serious contender for one of our top five parties ever. The music, the crowd, the vibe, everything was mind-blowing. So…we reckon it’s about time we went for round two!

Our favourite Adelaidean, Cam Bianchetti aka DJ HMC aka Late Nite Tuff Guy is heading back to the Civic Underground for another ALL NIGHT SET on February 15th, 2014!

It’s been a massive 12 months for Cam, following on from what was already a re-breakthrough year for the Aussie legend. From his days as South Australia’s global techno ambassador and innovator throughout the ‘80s and ‘90s, being labelled Adelaide’s ‘Godfather of techno’ thanks to his groundbreaking productions on Juice and Dirty House Records, through to his hugely prolific return to the studio as disco juggernaut Late Nite Tuff Guy in the late ‘00s, Cam is undeniably one of the country’s finest and most enduring dance music exports.

2013 marked his long, long, stupidly long-awaited return to Europe after a decade of staying put in his home town, and his trip was a massive success, punctuated by a set at Berghain, an achievement which very few Australians have earned. Now back on his home turf, LNTG is still pumping out the goods through his absurdly popular SoundCloud, Dessert Island Discs (his home club Sugar’s imprint) and his recently launched Tuff Cut label, while constantly reminding audiences that he’s as good as they come behind the decks.

We aren't limiting Cam to a strictly LNTG set either, once he's behind those decks he can flex any persona he wants - DJ HMC will be definitely be part of this party!

Oh man, we cannot wait to hear what Cam brings to his second One Night Stand - this will once again be an incredibly special night. While he's doing his thing in the Underground, we'll also have Andy & Adi making the Civic Ground Floor sound great too!




Do not miss this momentous occasion.

ONE NIGHT STAND returns in 2014 and we've gone 15 levels above to concoct one of our most mind-melting shows ever.


Yup, from open to close it'll be the bearded maestro taking us on a monumental journey like nobody else can. As far as innovators of electronic music go, they don't come much more legendary than Andrew Weatherall.

In terms of length, diversity, impact and sheer quality, his résumé is quite simply extraordinary. He was one of the guys behind the seminal Boy's Own record label throughout the '90s. He's an unparalleled tastemaker who compiled some of the most iconic releases of the past 20 years (9 O'Clock Drop on Nuphonic, anyone?). He personally remoulded Primal Scream's sound and changed London clubbing forever. He's been one of the most prolific, original and in-demand remixers in dance history, servicing artists like My Bloody Valentine, Bjork, New Order, The Chemical Brothers and Ricardo Villalobos. His releases under various monikers and collaborations, particularly Two Lone Swordsmen and The Sabres of Paradise on Warp Records, are revered as cult classics spanning experimental electronica, IDM, new wave, techno and downtempo. And his reputation in the studio is matched by his reputation behind the decks, from the days of playing Danny Rampling's pioneering 'Shoom' nights around the birth of acid house through to headlining some of the world's current top festivals and clubs.

Nothing has slowed down in recent years either. His own Rotters Golf Club imprint, now 12 years deep, has been a driving force for UK electro music and, this past February, was resurrected with an album by Weatherall's latest project with Tim Fairplay, called The Asphodells, which explores his passion for lower tempo dubby house and disco. He's been constantly globetrotting: last year he headlined the Electric Elephant Festival in Croatia, topped the bill of Bugged Out Weekender with regular partner behind the decks Ivan Smagghe, and was invited to team up with cult disco hero and fellow Brit DJ Harvey for a once in a lifetime RA Versus set during the Amsterdam Dance Event. He also released his three disc Masterpiece compilation on Ministry of Sound, which Resident Advisor described as "the most coherent commercial mix of his long, sometimes puzzling but always fascinating, career."

For a man who's been at the top of the underground for more than two decades, Andrew Weatherall is still making it known that he's one of the most crucial musical talents we've got.

We'll have the whole OAF to ourselves, with the side room being soundtracked by a quartet of Sydney greats:



>>>>> TICKETS <<<<<


Who would have thought it would come to this ? A moment, a movement, a bead of sweat, a dose of love, a step up, a twist down, a turn into the light - the Abercrombie has given you its guts. And now she is ready to pack up. It's time we say goodnight, farewell, adieu, ciao, cheerio, toodle-oo.

But not with-out one last chance to sun-dance in the beer soaked garden, samba under a summer moon or set your ears free on a journey assisted by the formidable talents we have conscripted for you. The Funktion One sound-system and mist fans have been set to over-drive and these gentle-folk will be there to assist you in and out of the hot-zone all day and night :


aka that guy from Rub ’N Tug, Map of Africa and The Laughing Light of Plenty. From his days in the legendary Tonka crew with our mate DJ Harvey in the ‘80s to the Wicked parties with Garth in the ‘90s and all the good things with Eric Duncan from the ‘00s to now plus a million aliases and projects along the way. Tom has been a studio lab rat and party almanac since way back - an institution of a man whom knows no sonic boundaries.


ESP Institute’s balearica enthusiasts bring the tribal vibe up to Attenborough levels keeping the rainforest and jungle well aligned with the psychedelic forces of disco & house. This is their first trek to our shores and after wrapping up a killer year which included the release of their third album on super collectable Tokyo imprint Snaker - they are not to be missed.


Will also be making his debut trip over from the land of rising fun, the Ene Records boss will be soundtracking some seriously happy dancing feet. With experience ranging from; A&R at Kenji Takimi’s spectacular Crue-L imprint, hosting top shelf parties in Tokyo and beyond and producing tunes that have been loved by people like Andrew Weatherall and Ivan Smagghe, he’s well and truly qualified to administer the good times with high doses of superb underground house.

Then we’re filling in the gaps with the people we can pay the least to play:


And no doubt some other friends along the way.

Swing by from 2pm then stay until you've said a suitable goodbye to our beloved Abercrombie and the only difference between ending and beginning is just a few letters you forgot to spell hours ago!

Here's some mixes to get you stretching and flexing before our day-and-night bonanza:

> THOMAS BULLOCK on Noise From The Void <

> COS/MES for Animals Dancing <

> CHIDA for Animals Dancing <



Oh how glorious - this summer we're paddling back out to The Island for another series of sundrenched parties floating around Sydney Harbour with a bunch of our favourite dance enforcers. First up we're looking back to last season for the dudes responsible for what was not only an unbelievable gig on The Island but truly ranks as one of our all time greatest Picnic shows…


It's less than a year since we first announced Psychemagik were heading to our shores for the first time, and a huge amount has happened since then. The UK duo, known for their sensational disco and psychedelic edits, obscenely vast record collections, beautiful production work and transcendent mixtape journeys, are a truly unique and positive presence in today's music scene.

Their mixes paint the story of two extraordinarily talented and passionate guys. Some blatantly show that Psychemagik can absolutely dominate a dancefloor. Others, like their guest mixtapes for the Test Pressing podcast, are gorgeously composed psychedelic experiences which give you an idea of just how deep and amazing their record collections really are. Basically, you can bet that they have the perfect record for any time and any place. Actually, they probably have ten.

Tom and Danny's two most recent compilations on Claremont 56 offshoot Leng, "Magik Cyrkles" and "Magik Sunrise" are mind-blowing collections of the best music you've never heard which, not surprisingly, sell for crazy money if you're lucky enough to find someone willing to part with their copy. They also made big waves with their Lunar Escape EP and, with their debut album just around the corner, things are only going to get bigger and better for Psychemagik.

This time around we're lucky enough to have both of the lads jumping behind the decks for another afternoon of radness. It'll also be our Picnic Christmas party and we'll have a few of our favourite regulars down to spin some lovely festive music:


Get down to Man O War Steps (behind the Opera House!) before 3pm where we'll have a water taxi waiting to take you out to The Island. Make sure you jump on presales for this one - they'll be $60 (water transfers included) from Resident Advisor!

Lots of love!



To add some Xmas giving to our Xmas Party we're taking things into the deep of night at one of Sydney's favourite dancing spaces - The Hellenic Club!!

We'll be lugging in a sick sound system, a smoke machine and some lasers along with some of DJs from The Island (plus a few ring ins!) including our incredible guests PSYCHEMAGIK who will get to play their first late night set in Sydney!! And believe us - this will be an experience!!!

Joining them:


ENTRY IS FREE for anyone with a wristband from The Island party or $20 presale thru RA!

Posted 12th December 2013


Holy guacamole, we have KiNK coming back to party with us this November and we are STOKED!

Having been raving to the sounds of early dance music since the age of 12, KiNK has established himself as the most accomplished house and techno guys on the scene, with releases on some of the top labels around - institutions like Rush Hour, Poker Flat, Ovum, Liebe*Detail and Kolour Recordings. His work with collaboration partner Neville Watson has, on top of all that, cemented him as a prolific, versatile and inventive electronic artist. So far this year he's dropped 12-inches with Marc Romboy (on Marc's own Systematic imprint) and Belgian champ Sierra Sam which have both been stellar.

His passion for hardware and sound manipulation translates from the studio into the performance world spectacularly, resulting in an unreal live show that spans old school chicago house, quality acid, deep techno and whatever else suits the occasion. Having delighted audiences everywhere from Italy to Israel, he placed 5th in RA's Top 20 live acts of 2012 poll - sandwiched between Âme and Henrik Schwarz - proving he's one of the world's most exciting electronic performers. His headline Picnic show last year was one of the most sensational nights Sydney has seen, lighting The Spice Cellar up with as much energy as has ever been felt in the club.

And now he's making his hotly anticipated return to Picnic, this time at the Burdekin Hotel on November 30th. We'll be taking over two floors for the occasion - the ground level plus the Dug Out - and of course we'll be enlisting the help of Sydney's finest to make sure it's an absolute winner.

Starring: Phil Smart, Simon Caldwell, Ben Fester, Marc Jarvin + Jungle Snake and Kali.

All the usual business - 10pm until forever, presale tickets start at just $25 from Resident Advisor and Pulse Radio.

Posted 24th October 2013


Summer is already just around the corner and it's time to really ramp things up. We're going to have back-to-back weekends at the Burdekin Hotel to wrap November up, starting with a mind-blowing double header on the 23rd! Our amazing guests will be...

JOHN TEJADA - Live (LA, Palette, Kompakt)

With 20 years, nearly two dozen albums and an impossibly large number of 12-inches under his musical belt, John Tejada is one of the most prolific and outstanding electronic artists you could hope to find. From early works on his own Palette Recordings imprint through to his current releases on Cologne super-label Kompakt, the LA-based legend has maintained an incredibly high standard of output across his numerous solo and collaborative projects, covering everything from Detroit-flavoured melodic techno and house (John Tejada, Lucid Dream) to IDM and rock (I'm Not A Gun) to minimal tech house (with Arian Leviste) and heaps more.

And on top of being a studio god, he's also regarded as one of the finest live electronic artists on the global circuit. Bringing with him an arsenal of equipment and a bottomless catalogue of compositions to perform, every live show is a meticulously crafted and moving experience which sets Tejada in a league of his own. To have this kind of techno royalty jumping on our stage to make us dance is going to be a huge pleasure!

MOOMIN (Berlin, Smallville)

Although he's been behind the decks since the mid-'90s, German producer and DJ Sebastian Genz only stepped onto the deep house scene in 2010 as Moomin and immediately found the spotlight. Coming from a hip hop and funk background, his penchant for and intimate understanding of sampling translated beautifully to house music where he's been making amazing soulful grooves ever since.

After a couple of 12-inch releases, Moomin approached stellar Hamburg imprint Smallville, home to acts like Christopher Rau and Move D & Benjamin Brunn, and an ideal partnership was born. His late 2011 debut LP, "The Story About You", was received with tonnes of love from critics, DJs and listeners, and has been followed by some killer releases on Aim and his own label, Closer, which will be the a new home for more of his deep grooving goodness. It's not all studio work though; his 17 years of experience spinning records combined with his eclectic influences and exceptional ear make him one of the most impressive DJs you can find on the circuit, and his first trip to Australia is serious cause for excitement.

We'll be taking over two rooms - the ground floor and our beloved Dug Out Bar - with some truly amazing supports, of course:


The fun starts at 10pm and stops at never.


TICKETS $40 FROM Resident Advisor + Pulse Radio

Woah. The first of our ten-party Icebergs Sunday series was absolutely incredible. Marcos Cabral destroyed it, the vibe couldn't have been much betterr. So now that you've slept it off, it's time to announce party #2, this time with


This Portuguese legend has been cooking up some stunning records over the past few years. Under his own name he's had 12-inches on some of the most awesome labels around - DFA, Leng, Italians Do It Better, Jolly Jams - though he's ben responsible for plenty more goodness under a bunch of different guises. Lush psychedelic jams as part of Gala Drop, downtempo gems for ESP Institute as Sea Power & Change, and a whole spectrum of house, techno and Balearic on his 2013 debut LP as TNT Subhead.

Naturally, the incredible range he shows in the studio reflects Tiago's awesome diversity and ability as a DJ. He's been spinning at Lux in Lisbon for 15 years and his regular marathon sets are legendary beyond the confines of the Portuguese capital. It's going to be a real treat for us to present his Sydney debut at our newest beachfront home!

He'll be joined by some other great DJs on the day!


Same biz as last time - we kick off at 4 PM and Icebergs' incredible bar food is included in the ticket price. If you came along to the first party, you'll know what's in store. If you didn't, don't miss out a second time!

Strictly limited to 100 tickets.

Posted 19th September 2013


Man, time is flying by like crazy. Already our Icebergs party with NYC legend Marcos Cabral is this Sunday afternoon. We're seriously thrilled to have Marcos spinning for us: between his work with Jacques Renault as Runaway + On The Prowl and his amazing solo productions, he's been responsible for some of our favourite tunage around. Tickets are really close to selling out - they're all gone from RA and, at the moment, only 20 left on Pulse so if you'd like to come along to this awesome gig please grab a ticket right now!


They're $40 which includes Icebergs' incredible bar food to keep your tummy happy. We kick off at 4pm with Valerie Yum, Pink Lloyd, Andy Webb and Kali supporting Mr. Cabral. Here are some goodies to pump into your ears in preparation for what's going to be a stunning Bondi Sunday session.

Marcos Cabral's killer Mix for Time Out New York

A fresh one from Andy Webb: CLUB DANCE BEAT PARTY BRIGADE

See ya Sunday!

Posted 11th September 2013


Check out the awesome Oyster playlist Lewie did to celebrate the occasion.

Posted 31st August 2013


We are positively delighted to announce the long awaited return of the One Night Stand series AND one of the finest guests we could possibly ask for: Mister Lewie Day AKA Tornado Wallace. If you're not familiar with the concept, it's nice and simple. Lewie will be playing an ALL NIGHT SET for us at an amazing warehouse space. No support acts, just hour after magical hour of the legend of Melbourne deepness.

Since his last ONS appearance in November 2011, Lewie has been absolutely destroying it. Following on from his epic releases on labels like Delusions of Grandeur, Instruments of Rapture and Sleazy Beats, he's spent a while spinning at home and abroad, nailing down lengthy tours of the US (two of the actually) and Europe, chucking in a few superb remixes for Matthew Dear, Recloose and Session Victim's Matthias Reiling along the way. 2013 has seen a return to original productions, kicked off with Thinking Allowed on ESP Institute which was met with universal love and adoration. Lewie also just dropped another 12" on Tim Sweeney's Beats In Space imprint which is totally sublime - the man can do no wrong. He doesn't make it up to Sydney all that often and it's a seriously rare and glorious occasion to have him playing for us in a stunning warehouse space ALL NIGHT LONG. There's no doubt he's one of the best we've got in a country that's teaming with talent.

Presale tickets are just $25 from Resident Advisor and Pulse Radio and it's BYO ONLY - we'll have fridges and bar staff to keep your booze cold and safe. Doors open at 10pm, don't be late because Lewie will be starting at 10 sharp! The address will be released on the week of the party. Catch you guys on the floor!

Last month 100 lucky party folk enjoyed (to put it mildly) an amazing day / night in the Icebergs Bar - an amazing collaboration between IDRB, Picnic and of course Red Bull Music Academy ...Now it's time to get down to business with the official first of ten parties loving co-produced by Picnic and IDRB to celebrate the iconic restaurant and bar's amazing decade at the top!

Picnic + Icebergs Dining Room and Bar presents PARTY #1


With a DJ career spanning more than two decades, the Brooklyn native has been churning out amazing disco-tinged house since his first release as Runaway with studio buddy Jacques Renault back in 2002. As a pair, they've gone on to put out well over a dozen killer 12-inches on labels like Mule Musiq, Let's Play House and REKIDS, including the massive 'Brooklyn Club Jam' which is still a certified dancefloor bomb five years on. Oh, and they also run On The Prowl, one of the most essential house labels of recent times.

But Cabral isn't just a master collaborator - his eclectic solo productions have found their way onto imprints like Trapez Ltd and L.I.E.S., the latter of which recently released his debut LP, 'False Memories'. The record is actually a collection of his early productions, dating between 1998 and 2000, which explore a raw techno sound recorded to cassette with primitive editing software and a Roland MC-303, showcasing a fascinating experimental side of his work. Now in 2013, Cabral is one of the most experienced, talented and underrated dudes on the scene who has a varied, unique and supremely danceable sound.



4 - 10pm / $40 including Bar Food!

Tickets through Resident Advisor and Pulse Radio

Posted 21st August 2013


We're only a couple of days away from hitting the Abercrombie for DJ Sprinkles!! This Saturday afternoon we'll be basking in the sunshine and sharing some exquisite music from one of the most brilliant makers of deep house music (amongst many other things) in the world. We'll also have local legends Stereogamous, Ben Fester, Magda Bytnerowicz, Matt Vaughan, Lovertits, Kali and Andy Webb spinning from 2pm right through to 11. You can still grab tickets from Resident Advisor and Pulse Radio for just $20 - they'll be more on the door so hop to it!

And then....

After our show at The Abercrombie, 200 of us lucky ones will make our way down to CLUB 77 to take part in something genuinely different!!


Under her real name, Terre Thaemlitz, will perform material from her SOULNESSLESS release and subsequent live show which led Halcyon to conclude that she "is easily amongst the most interesting and bravest of contemporary musicians and for that reason an asset to any artistic movement."

The transgendered performer's unconventional presentation goes well beyond a simple replaying of the 30+ hour-long multimedia album's recorded work - it's a combination of audio/visual content accompanied by commentary and dialogue with the audience, blended with passages of live audio performance and a range of other surprises.

We've handpicked truly exceptional local talent to compliment Terre!


and Sydney's finest DJ, SIMON CALDWELL, will expertly thread it all together - as only he can!

We open doors at 8PM and we'll make sure you hold on to your DJ Sprinkles ticket print out - cause that will be what gets you in!!!

Posted 8th August 2013


The term 'Detroit legend' is thrown around a lot in the electronic music scene, but nobody will argue that's exactly what Rick "The Godson" Wilhite is. Both as a solo artist and as part of the iconic Detroit foursome, The 3 Chairs with Theo Parrish, Marcellus Pittman and Moodymann, Wilhite has been one of the Motor City's most important dance music figures for the best part of three decades and, even now, just about any true house-loving DJ will either own or desperately seek copies of his celebrated mid-'90s debut 12-inches, "Soul Edge" and "The Godson EP", originally released on KDJ.

Although he never left the scene, the past five years have seen Wilhite return to more regular studio activity, pumping out some fantastic records on Still Music including his 2011 album "Analog Aquarium" which was met with praise and adoration from critics and fans alike. It's timeless music which rides on a genuine soulfulness that digs in deep and makes dancing a completely involuntary reaction, and it'll be such a pleasure to have this master of groove playing tunes for us on a lovely Sunday evening in front of one of the world's most awesome beaches.

We'll also have a very special RBMA guest making an appearance on the decks from 7pm.

Capacity is strictly limited to 100 so head over to Resident Advisor and Pulse Radio to grab tickets - just $40 including Icebergs' famously exquisite food served from 5 - 7pm.

Local supports include Garry Todd, Valerie & Lux Comms and Picnic's own Kali.

This marks the first of ten ultra special, limited capacity parties by Picnic and Icebergs Dining Room and Bar. We have some real beauties lined up!

Posted 18th July 2013


Picnic and The House Of Mince are teaming up to bring you, our dear friends, the one and only Terre Thaemiltz aka...


There's no question that Terre Thaemlitz AKA DJ Sprinkles is one of the most fascinating, talented and unique figures in the electronic music community. Known as much for her intelligent and thought-provoking critique of sexuality, ethnicity and modern society as she is for grooving deep house, captivating ambient compositions and experimental digital jazz, her role extends far beyond that of your average producer.

Since the early '90s, her music has ventured through these various styles and sounds under a number of monikers, including her real name, resulting in a hugely prolific and eclectic discography that's found its way onto labels like Comatonse, Mille Plateaux and her new home Mule Musiq.

For more than a decade and, particularly over the past five years, Thaemlitz has been actively making and playing some of the finest deep house around under the Sprinkles alias: her debut artist LP under this name, "Midtown 120 Blues", was ranked as Resident Advisor's #1 album of 2009, while the site also described her most recent mix CD for Mule as "something approaching perfection." Her latest offering, a double-album of DJ Sprinkles remixes titled "Queerifications & Ruins", again shows off her versitility and ability to create total dance floor weapons which keep dancers coming back for more the world over. After more than 20 years, it's an honour to have one of electronic music's most remarkable figures come to Australia to party with us for only the second time.

at everyones favourite dancing playground

We'll kick off at 2pm! With heavy duty support


Tickets just $20 presale from Resident Advisor and Pulse Radio

Posted 11th July 2013


Winter is well and truly on the way, so to counter the cold we've rounded up a couple of dudes to bathe us in gloriously warm house music: the totally superb 6th Borough Project!


RA: http://www.residentadvisor.net/event.aspx?480291
Pulse: http://pulseradio.net/events/view/2578


The 6th Borough Project is Craig Smith and Graeme Clarke. Their music is deep, soulful and funky but always energetic. With their roots in jazz, boogie and funk, and their tips in disco, deep house and warm tech, resisting the impulse to dance is impossible.

Craig has been on the DJ circuit for more than 20 years, including 10 years of hosting 'Audio Deluxe' at The Honeycomb in Edinburgh which saw big wigs like Masters At Work, Ashley Beedle and DJ Jazzy Jeff spinning tunes and partying.

Graeme Clark has been one of the fastest rising names in deep house and disco re-edits over the past few years and continues to accelerate. Productions for his own labels Instruments Of Rapture, Five20East and his DJ edits for L.E.S.S. Productions have had across-the-board support from scene heavyweights including Danny Krivit, Prins Thomas and Todd Terje.

As the 6th Borough Project the pair have released some stunning records on Delusions of Grandeur, Instruments Of Rapture and Jiscomusic to widespread acclaim. They released their debut album, One Night In The Borough, in May 2011 which mesmerised audiences with warm slow-mo deep house and smokey soulful disco cuts. In 2012 they also dropped a 10" and a superb mix CD on the consistently sensational Kolour LTD imprint, as well as another sterling EP on DoG, while their second full length release is just around the corner. Their technical brilliance coupled with a deeply instinctive understanding of what grooves and feels good make them one of the most exciting acts in dance music right now.

In support across the two rooms will be *deep breath*

Marc Jarvin & Jungle Snake *** Magda Bytnerowicz ***
Ken Cloud *** Ben Fester & Preacha *** Kali *** Andy Webb.

Huge! We kick off at 9pm and ride on through until summer comes back. This will be a biggy!

Here are the full tour dates for 6BP/The Revenge if you find yourself craving some good tunes in another city:

May 31 - 6th Borough at Sugar, Adelaide
June 1 - 6th Borough at New Guernica, Melbourne
June 2 - 6th Borough at Parkside, Wollongong
June 7 - 6th Borough at The Burdekin, Sydney (Picnic show!)
June 8 - The Revenge at The Liberty Social, Melbourne
June 9 - The Revenge at Terminal Projekt, Sydney

Posted 23rd May 2013




RA: http://www.residentadvisor.net/event.aspx?473129
Pulse: http://pulseradio.net/events/view/1801

Genius Of Time have been a dance floor favourite of Picnic for a few years now and we are absolutely stoked to have them play LIVE for us!

Since 2010 the Swedish duo, Alexander Berg and Nils Krogh, have been turning heads (and wearing out soles of shoes) with their unique take on house music...Disco influenced, 90s heavy, spaced out but still driving and (most definitely) dance floor friendly – they are making jams that are classic yet youthful and forward thinking!

While the majority of their music is released on their own vinyl only label, Aniara Recordings (releases already fetching stupid amounts of dollars on discogs), everyone’s favourite Dutch sub-label Royal Oak had the privilege of putting out the amazing “Drifting Back Ep” – yep, the one with “Houston We Have A Problem”! And of course these boys know their way around a remix or ten, as Tricksi, The Tortoise, Vincenzo, Kyodai, Urban Soul and others will agree!

Their latest 12”, a rework of First Choice’s “Love Thang” is selling out worldwide and we’re sure this is the just the beginning!!

Come be part of awesome history as these young guns play their debut Sydney show. Oh, and yes it’s exclusive!

------------ LOCAL SUPPORTS ------------------


------------- SALOON BAR DJs -------------------


Posted 18th April 2013


***Early bird tickets $15***

Resident Advisor / Pulse Radio

It's ridiculous! We're still here!!!

With half a decade of spring in our step - we've pulled out a doooozy of a second show for Easter!! It had to be though right - it's our birthday bitches!!!!!

S U P E R P I T C H E R !

For 13 years Superpitcher has been leading the way as one of Kompakt's most celebrated artists. Since the very early days of Michael Mayer's hugely respected label, the German producer has been pumping out some of the finest thumping techno, grooving micro house and dreamy electronic pop, both on his own and in some killer collaborations.

Flying solo he's released two stunning albums and a whole stack of 12"s scattered across Kompakt and its sub-labels including timeless tracks like 'Heroin' and his cover of Brian Eno's 'Baby's On Fire'. He teamed up with Mayer to create Supermayer, dropping a couple of singles ('The Art of Letting Go and 'Save the World') and a brilliant album spanning ambient, minimal techno and tech house. His partnership with Rebolledo as Pachanga Boys has taken things to new heights of global cheer, with the pair releasing some of the most fun and fantastic party tunes in recent years. He's given pleasure to the ears and feet of dancers the world over, from the most discerning techno strokers to the loosest house vibers, and now he's heading back to Sydney for the first time since 2010 to delight us with his supreme sounds.


We kick off at 2PM - YEP THIS IS A DAY PARTY!! Santa Barbara is the perfect venue for it, they'll be beefing up their already glorious rig of awesome sound for us and pumping out some epic drink specials!!

Pop down early, it'll be worth it!!

$5 house spirits

$5 cocktails

$10 jugs beer & cider

Between 2 - 6pm!!

GO PICNIC!! BETTER YET - GO YOU GUYS!!! We literally could not do it with you!!

Carly & Andy xxx

Posted 20th March 2013


Four days off work means big celebrations, and we've arranged the biggest of all. Picnic are proud to present a night at The Abercrombie Hotel with IVAN SMAGGHE AND PACHANGA BOYS. Seriously. Dunno if the Easter Bunny works the same way that Santa does, but you've all been good boys and girls and we think you've earned it.


It may be more time efficient to talk about the things that Ivan Smagghe hasn't done than the things that he has. As Black Strobe he played a crucial role in the rise of (tasteful) electroclash. He has released a whole stack of incredible mix albums, including 2004's seminal Death Disco as well as contributions to the Fabric, Bugged Out! and Live At Robert Johnson series. As head of A&R he led Tigersushi sub-label Kill The DJ to become a hugely respected imprint worldwide. He's one half of It's A Fine Line (with Tim Paris), he produces with German production powerhouse Roman Flugel as RMVN, and he can be found spinning back to back with the legendary Andrew Weatherall on a semi-regular basis ever since the pair ran Wrong Meeting at London's T Bar until 2008.

There's plenty more to add to the resume, but you get the picture. Smagghe's remarkable musical intuition has made him one of the world's most respected and sought after acts, both in the studio and behind the decks. With one of the deepest record bags in the business, his sound is never the same from one moment to the next, yet it's always distinctly Smagghe.


The purveyors of love, joy and the power of Pachanga: when Superpitcher and Rebolledo joined forces back in 2010 the world became a more partyful place for everybody. Their Hippie Dance imprint, a sub of Cologne powerhouse label Kompakt, was born out of the perfect partnership between a German master of shimmering techno and grooving house and a Mexican oddball whose releases on Matias Aguayo's Còmeme celebrate a humorous, fun-loving approach to dance music. Together, the pair have put out three unbelievable 12-inches, including 2011's 15 minute massive euphoric burning odyssey 'Time', and their recent debut LP 'We Are Really Sorry' which was a huge favourite of 2012 for dancers and DJs around the globe. The "Hippie Dance Atelier Super Limited Collectors Edition" of the album included a 36 page psychedelic coloring book with special crayon pack, a postcard to send the one you love and an organic cotton and Alpaca knitted tortilla chip broche - yeah, they're pretty fun dudes. Peace, Love, Power and Pachanga!

It'll be Ivan's first visit in 7 years and the debut of the Pachanga Boys in Aus, so this is a very special occasion!

Doors 10pm
KALI on warm up.

$40 Presale
Tickets from Resident Advisor and Pulse Radio

Posted 6th March 2013


Happy Valentine's Day everybody, we love you!! We're only a couple of weeks away from Mardi Gras where we'll be partying with our pals from Strange Fruit at The Abercrombie with the newly crowned supreme overlord of beautiful melodic house, Mano Le Tough! 15 hours of music played by 11 incredible DJs across 2 rooms - this is going to be a pretty amazing event.

It's at a pretty perfect time too, with Mano's album being released earlier that week on Permanent Vacation which cranks the excitement up even higher. For a taste of his prowess behind the decks, have a listen to his recent RA podcast. It's an absolute gem. Then head over to the site and grab some tickets - there are still cheap 1st releases left, only $20. Happy days!

Posted 14th February 2013


We'll start with what you should already know: Saturday the 9th of Feb marks the return of LATE NITE TUFF GUY to the Picnic soundsystem, this time on the glorious floating paradise The Island. 6 months after one of our ALL TIME favourite parties down at The Civic, he's coming back for round two and we couldn't be more stoked. He'll be joined on the harbour by STEPHEN ALLKINS (yess!!) and KALI where the tunes will be pumping out of a beautiful Funktion One rig all afternoon.


Instead of Rose Bay Wharf, water taxis will now be leaving from and returning to the Man O War steps located on the eastern Botanical Gardens side of the Opera House. The Island itself will be floating around Athol Bay which is outside Taronga Zoo. Taxis will be departing the steps at 3pm so make sure you're there with time to spare.

Bring your swimmers and an appetite for Hugos pizzas (!!) and disco, we'll provide the vibe and killer tunes all day long. You can still get tickets from Resident Advisor but be quick, they're down to the final release!

And then...


Now we can announce that yes, we've been hiding an ace up our sleeve for fans of ze techno: immediately following The Island, Late Nite Tuff Guy will be doing a hulk-like transformation into his legendary techno alter-ego, DJ HMC, for an epic afterparty at The Civic. After a day of lapping up disco vibes on sunny Sydney Harbour it'll be time to head underground and get down to serious business.

While LNTG has been dominating the disco airwaves for the past few years, HMC (House Master Cam) is a name which has synonymous with Australian techno for nearly three decades. A true pioneer in the country, the movement Cam spearheaded led Adelaide to be referred to as the "Aussie Detroit". He's well and truly earned his title as The Godfather of Australian techno, wowing audiences with his sublimely crafted DJ sets since the early '80s and blowing record buyers' minds all throughout the '90s and early 2000s. His triumphant return to the studio a few years ago has seen him at his peak, and it's going to be a true pleasure to see one of the all time greats showing us both sides of his craft.

But wait, there's more! On the warm up will be another sensational interstate dudester, this time a prodigy whose career is just kicking off: Melbourne champ FRANCIS INFERNO ORCHESTRA. After a string of glorious deep house 12s, his recent BBW white label series embraces vintage-inspired techno - he's a man of many tastes and talents! Then, post-HMC, we'll have Sydney legend SIMON CALDWELL sending us off with his unparalleled vibesmanship, reminding us that we've got it pretty damn good up here too. Spruce Lee, Valerie Yum and Andy Webb will be manning the decks upstairs for your grooving pleasure.

The afterparty kicks off at 10pm - dancers with wristbands from LNTG will be given discounted priority entry to The Civic or can pay upfront on The Island ($15 cash only)or if you're really keen to lock in your dance floor spot you can email Carly and we'll organise direct deposit - carly@picnicstuff.com.au - while others not coming during the day can pick up limited presale tickets from Resident Advisor ($25).

Be warned though - there are limited general admission tickets!! RUN AND BUY THEM...

Posted 7th February 2013


After an absolutely sensational Sydney Festival night with Danny Wang and Darshan Jesrani (THANK YOU!) we're looking forward to our next couple of shindigs. 6 months after one of our ALL TIME favourite parties down at The Civic, we're bringing the one, the only, Late Nite Tuff Guy back up to Sydney, this time for a glorious afternoon on The Island. For those of you lucky enough to experience the last show, you'll know what kind of extraordinary sounds are in store - and to be able to host one of the Australia's most legendary DJs on a stunning harbour venue in summer is just so good.

Support will be in the form of Stephen Allkins (how lucky are we!!) and Kali. Water taxis will be departing Rose Bay Wharf at 3pm so make sure you're there with time to spare. Bring your swimmers and an appetite for Hugos pizzas (!!) and disco, we'll provide the vibe and killer tunes all day long.

Tickets from Resident Advisor: Early Bird $50 // First Release $60 // Second Release $70

This will sell out so make sure you get in early!!

And then! Picnic and Strange Fruit are delighted to be jumping in bed together on Mardi Gras night, March 2nd, to present a MASSIVE show at The Abercrombie Hotel with the extraordinary MANO LE TOUGH.

Now based in Berlin, Irish expat Mano Le Tough has been absolutely killing it since his 2009 debut with his releases on Buzzin Fly, Internasjonal and, most recently, the consistently awesome Permanent Vacation. His warm, melodic approach to house music is instantly loveable and translates into good times on any dance floor, and his music has made its way into the bags of artists as diverse as Jimpster, Soul Clap, Hernan Cattaneo, Trickski and Catz 'N Dogz. His debut LP "Changing Days" is due out in the last week of February, just days before this party, so there's even more reason to celebrate!

Mano isn't just a whiz in the studio though - he's gained a huge amount of respect as a DJ over his short career, picking up regular gigs at famed German nightspots Panorama Bar and Robert Johnson. He runs a monthly night at Loftus Hall in Berlin called "Passion Beat" which has seen acts like Nicolas Jaar, John Talabot and The Mole all jump behind the decks as guest headliners. Debuting at number 53 in RA's Top 100 DJs poll this year, he was one of the year's highest new entries and obviously made a stellar impression on every dancer he played to at home and abroad in 2012.

And now he's heading to Australia for the very first time and we'll have the absolute pleasure of hosting him! We've plucked out a bunch of Sydney's finest for the occasion:


Main room:
Mano Le Tough (3 Hour Set) // Ben Korbel (We Love Sounds) // Kali (Picnic) // Jordan Deck (Strange Fruit) // Morgan

Phil Smart // Matt Aubusson (Glitch) // Mike Witcombe (A Life Less Ordinary) // Slow Blow // Marc Jarvin

Tickets from $15, available from Resident Advisor!

Posted 23rd January 2013


Wow, here we are already! After an EPIC start to 2013 with Psychemagik on The Island, we're back for our third SydFest show this Saturday night at SYDNEY TOWN HALL with two of our favourite acts of all time.

To keep you occupied in the days between now and then, we've got some quality reading and listening for you. Pop on this killer Darshan mix while you have a squiz at this fantastic conversation with Mister Metro Area himself on inthemix. Then revisit a whole bunch of Danny's finest moments with this awesome Balihu megamix put together by the wonderful Tim Sweeney while you check out this Pulse Radio interview with the always outspoken, never dull, totally disco Mr. Wang.

Also, for a bit of fun, You Only Live Once did a couple of really cool articles with the lads about the perfect day in their home cities. Hit up Darshan's Perfect Day in NYC and Danny's Perfect Day in Berlin.

That should keep you busy for the moment. And while you're doing all that, head on over to the Sydney Festival Website to pick up some cheap tickies, just $36 for the night! Support will be in the form of Picnic pals Kali and Andy Webb and doors open at 8pm. Let's make this our best SydFest party yet!!


Set times are:

8.00 - 8.30pm Andy Webb
8.30 - 11.30pm DANIEL WANG
11.30 - 1.30am DARSHAN JESRANI
1.30 - 2.00am Kali

See you all on the dance floor :)

Posted 17th January 2013


Your instructions for today: get yourself down to Rose Bay Wharf by 3pm donning your finest swimsuit, where you'll catch a water taxi to The Island. It's best to get there early, but if you're running late they'll continue to leave every 20 minutes. Once you arrive, you are required to eat (Hugos pizza), swim (the forecast says 29 and sunny), chill (day beds everywhere), dance (obviously) and have the best time ever. If you missed out on online tickets, we'll have a very limited number available at the wharf for $60, so get down as early as you can to avoid disappointment. See you all down there!

Posted 5th January 2013


After an insane November (thank you thank you thank you!) we're cooling off a bit before our next wave of amazing shows. January is going to be extremely special - we're starting the year with Psychemagik on The Island on Jan 5th. Absolute paradise. There's simply no artist we'd prefer to spend the first weekend of the new year with, splashing around and drinking coconuts, soaking up the sun over Sydney Harbour. Head over to Resident Advisor and snap up some real cheap tix - the earlier you jump in, the less dosh you spend.

Then on January 19th it's SYDNEY FESTIVAL with DARSHAN JESRANI and DANNY WANG! Our triumphant return to SydFest will be at Sydney Town Hall and it's going to be a pretty incredible night. Two of the most influential and fantastic purveyors of disco in the last 20 years both appearing on stage for one seriously awesome Picnic, with 1200 happy dancers grooving away in a very unusual, very amazing space. Tickets are only $36 from the Sydney Festival website. Good times!

Posted 6th December 2012


First up, a massive thanks to everybody who came down and partied with us at PillowTalk! The music, the people, the vibe - it was all fantastic. Now we're onto our third and last show for November (and our last show for the year!) with Gerd Janson. We're teaming up with our pals Co-Op for this one and it's going to be a very special party indeed.

When you look at Gerd's list of accolades, you become immediately aware that he's one bloody impressive man. Founder of the extraordinary Running Back imprint, he's been responsible for putting out records by Theo Parrish, Todd Terje, Tiger & Woods, Prosumer and Radio Slave. Resident at the revered Robert Johnson in Frankfurt, he's blown the minds of thousands of discerning punters with his stunning eclectic DJ sets. Team member at the Red Bull Music Academy, he's been that dude on the couch interviewing every dance music legend under the sun, from DJ Harvey and Prins Thomas to Move D and Edfemin. Occasional producer of highly danceable disco and house as Tuff City Kids and Pink Alert, his remix work has landed on labels like Permanent Vacation, Sonar Kollektiv, Innervisions and our own local buds Future Classic.

We taking all this down to the newly great sounding Tatlers! No more pesky "door list only" entry! Straight up good vibes, with a killer out door area to boot. Tickets are super limited, the capacity is only 150. Tickets avail through Resident Advisor for hardly anything - $20 presales!

Following on from that, we'll be ringing in the new year with PSYCHEMAGIK ON THE ISLAND!! The pleasure odyssey takes place on January 5th so make sure you save the date. More info on that one soon.

Then January 19th we're partying in Sydney Town Hall with Darshan Jesrani and Danny Wang! It's our third Sydney Festival show and it's going to be absolutely supreme. Head on over to the Sydney Festival website to grab cheap cheap tickies and we can all be merry.

Posted 22nd November 2012


The bubble has burst: we can now announce that Picnic will be back at Sydney Festival 2013 to present Darshan Jesrani (Metro Area) and Daniel Wang!! After two incredible events at Hyde Park Barracks, the Festival Bar is making a move to Town Hall which is pretty mind blowing. We'll be getting our disco on at Paradiso on January 19th, you can pick up tickets through the Sydney Festival website. Obviously this is going to be the best summer of all time ever.

Also remember we've got Horse Meat Disco coming up next Friday night down at Goodgod! You can still snap up cheap presale tickets from Resident Advisor and we recommend you do. As anybody who's been along to one of our HMD parties before, they're on a whole new tier of fun. Support on the night from Marcus King, Steele Bonus and Andy Webb. YAY!

Posted 24th October 2012


Heaps going on in Picnicland right now! Starting with our Ladies night this Saturday: we'll be dancing and smiling all night long with EIGHT of our fair city's most ridiculously talented DJ femmes: *deep breath* Valerie Yum, Alley Oop, Cassette, Ariane, Morgan, Sam Francisco, Bad Ezzy and Kali! We've finally reached the season where the lush outdoor area of our spectacular warehouse space isn't a freezer, yet you also won't get burnt to a crisp on the dance floor. PERFECT. Incredible music, amazing people, the cosiest environment imaginable, good times flowing from start to finish.

Don't forget this is a SEQUINS PARTY, so gather your most glittery get-up and shimmer on down. It's BYO so make sure you stock up on your party elixir of choice. The address will be announced closer to the date, and $15 tickets can be picked up from Resident Advisor - they'll be 25 on the door so save some bucks and sort it early.

Whether you're gay, straight, bi or tri, the news is good: Horse Meat Disco are returning to Picnic for the fourth time for another insane night of overjoyed dancing and disco music. Their set at our 4th birthday party earlier in the year was beyond phenomenal, as we're sure every sweat-drenched dancer would agree, and we're bracing ourselves for the next instalment of the world's best queer disco DJs coming to our side of the world.

Since Horse Meat Disco began nearly eight years ago, the London DJ collective have built up their name to the point of it being probably the world's most celebrated queer disco party. Inspired by the music and inclusive ethos of New York's club scene during the '70s and '80s, the collective have garnered a unique reputation for amazing parties and unmatchable sets. Their hugely successful compilation series on K7! Records, now up to the third release with a fourth on the way, brings together a whole bunch of their finest gems which have become anthems at their Vauxhall home gigs and abroad. Basically, nothing in the whole world is more fun than dancing to the Horse Meat Disco DJs.

This time we'll be popping down to Goodgod for an intimate set, with Picnic pals Marcus King, Steele Bonus and Andy Webb keeping the decks warm for the rest of the night. Presale tix will be $20 from Resident Advisor - they'll be $30 on the door so do it early!

Posted 11th October 2012


Picnic are taking things to the next level this November: We'll be presenting the debut Australian performance of PILLOWTALK!

The San Francisco trio are seriously one of our favourite acts right now. Their sound hints at a million different influences rolled into one - smooth disco and R&B meets underground house and techno, from Frankie Valli to Theo Parrish, Beach Boys to Larry Heard - their sound is both classic and cutting edge. Whether bringing the sun on Visionquest, cruising between charming pop and deep house with Wolf + Lamb (their Far From Heaven EP is still constantly on repeat) or going deeper still on their Life and Death release, the band are completely infectious from the stunning vocals down to the perfect production.

On the road, the PillowTalk experience show is one mad party. All performed live, the band bring limitless energy to the crowd, engaging with their wit, charm and bucketloads of talent. They've been invited to play at some of the world's biggest and best events like Croatia's Garden Festival, BPM Festival in Mexico and the 2012 WMC in Miami, and they've always left the crowd beaming. Behind the decks they're no less superb, billed alongside acts like Nicolas Jaar, Soul Clap, Simian Mobile Disco and Tale Of Us, and at the OAF they'll be DJing both before and after their live set: a 3 hour total performance!

Simon Caldwell and Kali will be on support duties. Doors open at 10pm. Presale tickets to this monster gig are $40 through Resident Advisor and Moshtix. Get in quick because this will be off the charts!

Posted 23rd August 2012


This is news that a lot of you have been waiting for. We have secured LATE NITE TUFF GUY (aka DJ HMC) for an ALL NIGHT ROID RAVE at our One Night Stand in August. One of Australia's greatest disco, house and techno treasures, mister Carmelo Bianchetti will at long last be hopping on a plane in Adelaide to come and delight us at one of our favourite venues - Civic Underground. One of Australia's best on one of the best sound systems! YEAH!

HMC first made his mark in the early '80s, when he was one of the first DJs in the country to spin Chicago house and Detroit techno. He made his production debut back in 1991 with the 100% Juice EP on Juice Records, Australia's first techno label. In 1995 he released "Phreakin'" as the first twelve-inch on Dirty House Records, which went on to become an international hit and put Adelaide on the world map as what people were calling the "Aussie Detroit". All of this spells one thing: PIONEER. It's not often people can legitimately be labelled "The Godfather" of something, but not many people will dispute the title being handed to HMC when it comes to Australian techno.

In recent years, Bianchetti has made a prolific return to producing, both as HMC and under the moniker Late Nite Tuff Guy. "I Get Deeper" had a truly massive impact all over the world, and his string of amazing releases on disco edits imprint Dessert Island Discs indicates that he's back with a vengeance and a newfound excitement for sharing the music he's passionate about. And what better arena to do that than at a Picnic One Night Stand? LNTG will be taking us on a journey from the moment the doors open until we eventually get dragged out into the unfortunate dawn light.

The move to the Civic hasn't dampen our desire to see you ALL dressed up Roid Rave style, so start your pump regime and get those juicy muscles bulging.. Don your most revealing gym gear and show us your guns!

Cheap presale tickets can be picked up from Resident Advisor! As of right now they're more than 50% gone so GET IN QUICK.

Posted 9th August 2012


We're only a couple of sleeps away until we pop our One22 cherry with some INSANE house music courtesy of the stupidly talented Brawther. We're talking absolute top shelf qualtiy here, it doesn't get much more legit than this.

At 25 the uber-talented Parisian has already been making music for ten years, the latter part of which has resulted in some totally outstanding records which have landed in the bags of big wigs like AntonZap and Delano Smith. As Brawther, his first two twelve-inch releases landed on Chez Damier's Balance imprint, which gives a pretty clear picture of the bold impression his music makes. Under his Izmo alias, he has explored the more ambient side of electronic music, releasing a gorgeous full studio album blooming with lush pads and warm, deep vibes. He also sneakily put out an EP under the guise 'Paris Underground Trax', a kind of ode to '90s east coast house music, which received an incredible response from true enthusiasts all around the world. His music, at once perfectly vintage and very forward thinking, feels completely instinctive and is some of the most exciting stuff to come out of the underground house scene in recent memory.

As a DJ, his vast range of influences and passion for discovery make him a delight to dance to. He's found himself on the bill with legends like Tevo Howard, Kyle Hall and Romanthony, and has upcoming bookings alongside Omar S, Levon Vincent and Hunee to name a few. Brawther is mingling behind the decks with the very best of them and manages to do it with ease. We're in for a huge treat when he touches down in Sydney for the first time - expect a night of crazy-high quality house gems that will blow your socks off.

Supports on the night will be in the form of Simon Caldwell, Kali and Dean Dixon vs Magda B. We'll be kicking off at 10pm and you can grab presale tix from Resident Advisor right now!

Posted 2nd August 2012


Thanks to everyone that came last night!!

Honestly, absolutely amazing!!

Thanks to CANYONS for killing it!

Posted 15th July 2012


First of all, thanks so much to everybody who came to Simon's ONS return last weekend. What an epic night!!

Obviously we invited him back for a second appearance at One Night Stand because he was so bloody exceptional the first time around, and we couldn't resist doing the very same with Canyons after they utterly blew our minds at the warehouse last year. Quite seriously, it was one of the most amazing things we've ever witnessed.

In the time since then, the lads have dropped their stunning debut album, 'Keep Your Dreams', which the world received with open arms. They performed as a killer live act for the first time too, as if their musical credibility wasn't high enough already. But although they've taken the live show on tour and delighted thousands (perhaps millions, or even billions!), back at the warehouse they'll be doing what they've been doing so bloody well for years: exposing us to some ridiculous, impossible, magnificent records. They're a truly unique force behind the decks and we're pretty stoked to be having them back for an ALL NIGHT WOODSTOCK JAM.

Yes, the theme for this one is Woodstock. Come be filthy love-loving hippies with us and psych out to some mind melting music. We're all one big happy dirty smokey family!

So this is how it happens: Canyons play from the moment the gates open (10pm) until the very end (??am) at a wonderful warehouse location which will be disclosed close to the party. It's BYO, and you can snap up cheap presale tickets here - they'll be more on the door.

10PM start. Really late finish. BYO only. Address announced closer to the date.

Cheap presale tickets from Resident Advisor

THEN, on August 25th we'll be hosting another Picnic extravaganza with LATE NITE TUFF GUY! More info to come on that really soon.

Much love!

Posted 21st June 2012

Thanks everyone that came to our One Night Stand on Saturday!! What a party!!! So great!

NEXT!! Round two with our man Simon Caldwell - get moving on tickets! It is selling like crazy!

TICKETS HERE: http://www.residentadvisor.net/event.aspx?359239

Posted 28th May 2012


Dear everybody. Let's have a party!

For our next Ligue de Una Noche warehouse grooveathon we'll be graced with the presence of the extraordinary Ken Cloud. Having been killing it in the Sydney scene for the best part of 20 years, Ken is one of those dudes who immediately adds something special to any party he plays. He's one of the fellas behind Mad Racket, a Sydney clubbing institution which needs no introduction, meaning he's been responsible for hosting (and supporting) the likes of Moodymann, Theo Parrish, Daedalus, Chris Duckenfield and Octave One. Impressed yet? Let's throw in Hot Chip, Claude von Stroke, Steve Bug, The Crystal Ark and the 6th Borough Project. QUALITY ALL OVER THE SHOP. We're stoked to be having Ken spin for us at our cosy warehouse space and you should be too!

On either side you've got Picnic mainstays Kali, Mike Witcombe and Andy Webb holding down the fort with exceptional house, disco and genre-free oddities for the ears and feet to enjoy. In the name of all things fun, we'll be treating your eyes as well, as we encourage everyone to go back to the future and don your finest '80s getup. Big hair, loud colours, weird shapes and way too much gym clothing. Dust off your boom box and leave good taste at home.

10PM start. Really late finish. BYO only. Address announced closer to the date.

Cheap presale tickets from Resident Advisor, $15 now, $25 on the door!

Good times ahoy!

Posted 17th May 2012


The twenty-first hour of the sixteenth day of the sixth month of the two thousand and twelfth year Anno Domini.

The second coming of Mister Simon Caldwell to One Night Stand. All night long.

12 months after his first all night Picnic jam, one of Sydney's true DJ masters returns to play for you once again, from the moment the doors open until the daylight kicks us out. For two decades, Simon has been one of the city's - no, make that the country's - most respected performers and party makers, cementing himself as a beacon of consistency and quality in an industry where not many go the distance. He's been co-promoting Mad Racket, a true Sydney institution, for 13 years; he's been invited to record mixes for Resident Advisor and John Digweed's radio show Transitions; his gargantuan list of support slots is littered with names like Moodymann, Dixon, Derrick May, Andrew Weatherall and Theo Parrish; and every Monday night, thousands tune in to his radio show on FBi 94.5. That's a pretty bloody good résumé.

Bringing passion, knowledge, experience, creativity and GROOVE together into one man-sized package, we really couldn't think of anybody better than Simon Caldwell to commandeer this party the first time around, and man did he prove us right! It would have been foolish of us to just leave it there - and so, here we are. Round two.

For your listening pleasure, enjoy these two recent mixes from Simon: an outstanding contribution to the Melbourne Deepcast series, and a mix on John Digweed's Transitions radio show. Both are GREAT.

We'll be dancing at an appropriately epic warehouse space, to be announced closer to the date, with the finest Funktion One sound system we can get our hands on. Our birthday throwdown there was absolutely mental and we know this will be no different. It'll be BYO, and we'll have a bar set up to keep your drinks cool and safe, so stock up and enjoy!

THE THEME is 'Birds of Paradise' - we'll be getting our tropical vibe on despite the mid-winter chill and we ask all of you to join us! Think toasty thoughts!

Tickets are available now on Resident Advisor and, after witnessing the pandemonium last time, we seriously suggest you don't sleep on them.


WOAH. Thanks everybody SO MUCH for coming down to our 4th birthday party and making it one of the most incredible nights in history! It doesn't get much better than that.

Next up Picnic are heading back underground to The Spice Cellar to team up with Reckless Republic with a seriously exciting headliner from Bulgaria (where else?)

Having been raving to the sounds of early EDM since the age of 12, KiNK has established himself as the most accomplished house and techno dudes on the scene, with releases on some of the top labels around - we're talking imprints like Rush Hour, Poker Flat, Ovum, Liebe*Detail and Mule Musiq. The big boys. His work with collaboration partner Neville Watson has, on top of all that, cemented him as a prolific, versatile and inventive electronic artist. The duo's latest release on Rush Hour features Hercules & Love Affair member Kim Ann Foxman and exemplifies their love of classic house and ability to delight both DJs and punters.

His passion for hardware and sound manipulation translates from the studio into the performance world spectacularly, resulting in an unreal live show that spans old school chicago house, quality acid, deep techno and whatever else suits the occasion. Having delighted audiences everywhere from Italy to Israel, he placed in RA's Top 20 live acts of 2011 poll - sandwiched between Modeselektor and Kollektiv Turmstrasse - proving he's one of the world's most exciting electronic performers.

Either side of KiNK's set, you'll be treated to the sounds of Picnic's own Matt Trousdale, Kali & Mike Witcombe playing a back to back set, and Spice lord Murat Kilic. The doors will be flung open at 10pm and the party rolls into Spice After Hours at 4am so you can keep on dancing the night away. Presale tickets are $25 through Resident Advisor and once you're stamped you can come and go as you please until 10am.

ALSO: so you know what dates you're going to be busy in the next while, here's our schedule:

April 8 - KiNK @ The Spice Cellar
April 9 - KALI supports Stimming @ The Abercrombie
April 13 - KALI headlines Friday @ The Spice Cellar
April 21 - Picnic: One Night Stand w/ Marcus King, Perfect Snatch, Kali & Andy Webb
April 28 - Tamas Jones (Hey Convict!) plays Never Mind The Balearics
May 26 - Picnic: One Night Stand TBA
June 16 - Picnic: One Night Stand - The Return of Simon Caldwell

See you all on the floor!

Posted 21st March 2012


First up, major thanks to everybody who came down and danced with us at the Friendly Fires show on Saturday night, it was such an awesome night!

This weekend is the big big BIG one - our 'thank you' to everybody who's ever danced, DJed or worked with us in any way over the past four years, and our chance to cut loose with an incredible soundtrack played by some incredible people!

We've got the venue: the exceptional Sun Studios in Alexandria. Two rooms, a manned bar for your drinks to be kept cold and safe, and one of the greatest vibes in this city.

We've got the music: queer disco legends Horse Meat Disco playing a 3 hour set with Stephen Allkins, Matt Vaughan and Tamas Jones of Hey Convict! as your dream support team in the main room, plus Picnic Agency dudes Matt Trousdale, Mirror Mirror, Marcus King, Long John Saliva, Perfect Snatch, Steele Bonus and Andy Webb laying down tracks in the other.

We've got the sound: With a top of the line Funktion One Resolution 3 system for the main stage and QSC K12s for the Agency room, the music is going to be crystal clear and sounding sweet.

And of course we've got all of you rad disco dancers to enjoy it with us. It'll be BYO only (again, we can look after your booze) and you'll also be able to buy stuff like cups, ice and mixers.


You can still grab presale tickets from Resident Advisor for $40! They'll be more on the door so hop to it.

Posted 13th March 2012


We never sleep. First up we're delighted to bring you a Friendly Fires DJ set, their only Future Music sideshow, on Saturday the 10th of March at Goodgod! Whilst the band is widely known for their potent indie grooves, some of their most significant influences include Carl Craig, Prince and powerhouse techno label Kompakt, as well as classic disco, funk and boogie.

Their 'Suck My Deck' mix for Bugged Out! is an absolute ripper, littered with gems by artists like Tensnake, Bot'Ox, Discodeine, Lindstrom & Christabelle and Butch. What's more, they've hand selected exceptional remixers for their music including Justus Kohncke, Joakim and Mock & Toof, and they've run a stack of their own club parties with guests like Motor City Drum Ensemble, Michael Mayer, Prins Thomas and Horse Meat Disco, so it's clear they have a serious appetite for quality dance music.

Local support will be in the form of Mike Witcombe, Kali and Andy Webb. Tickets are $18.50 presale or more on the door, and they'll be down to $10 from 3am.