Andrew Weatherall One Night Stand: Sydney Opera House

Andrew Weatherall
All Night Long

We’re almost speechless with excitement as we team up with Sydney Opera House to bring you our favourite DJ on the planet for five uninterrupted hours; amplified from deep in the belly of the most iconic venue in the Australia.

Heralding the summer for a Studio Party like no other, legendary dance eccentric Andrew Weatherall makes his Opera House debut with a DJ set from open to close – guiding clubbers through the hedonistic heights of chugging, hypnotiic and acid house, dub, techno, and everything in-between!

A life-long Londoner who produced Primal Scream’s classic Screamadelica and breakthrough remixes for Underworld, New Order and the Happy Mondays, Weatherall has proved a dancefloor sage in an era of jumbotron mega thud and drop-dead DJs. 

We have given him the keys to one of Sydney’s most magnifying venues, a task only a few have been gifted with. This is certainly not one to sleep on!

Tickets available right here..

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