We’ve got tonnes of stuff coming up in Picnicland! Let’s take a look in chronological order…

First up, we’re relaunching Picnic Social! PS 3.0 will be kicking off at Tatler on Sunday October 2nd (long weekend ooh yeah) with return guest Jan Schulte headlining, plus Jamie Blanco playing his first live set in Aus! That’ll be an extra special one.

Then we’re doubling up with Jam Gallery shows on the 22nd and 29th. The first is part of V MoVement Sydney and features Melbourne heat beat magicians NO ZU plus hardware whizzes Sleep D. Yumbo! The second gig is with the one and only Dream 2 Science, performing live for the second time anywhere in the world! Holy moly.

Fast forward to November and it’s the long-awaited return of our beloved Simon Caldwell to One Night Stand. Sydney’s best DJ is gonna be treating us to another all-night set on Nov 19th at Jam Gallery.

Oh, and definitely don’t forget to come along to the Keep Sydney Open rally on October 9th. Let’s make our voices heard!

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